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What are your buckles made from?

Our zinc buckles are made from an alloy of nickel free zinc, copper, aluminum, and magnesium, with a nickel free plating.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Domestic orders typically ship the same day if your purchase is complete prior to 2pm EDT.

What do the names of the products mean?

Our products are named after the city where the fire hose was originally used. All items are authentic and collected by Ladder 34. 

Do products include any information with them?

Our products include a tag with information describing the item as well as a label indicating where the fire hose was originally used. 

How are your products cleaned?

To learn more about our cleaning process -

I think my buckle was sewn on backwards!

Our buckles were designed for two different belt styles and have been sewn in two different directions. Your belt may appear different from another style but this is the way it was designed to function.


Where are Ladder 34 products made?

All of our products are manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI. 

How does this belt work?