Record a Testimonial and We’ll Send You a FREE Ladder34 Coaster.

These coasters are cut from rubber supply fire hose which formerly served the Chicago fire department.

Free Coaster

If you’ve bought a belt or mat from us in the past, we’d love to hear your thoughts. So here’s the deal, first, you record a video on your smartphone sharing your honest and candid feedback about your experience with us. Then, we’ll ship you a free coaster custom made from the Chicago Fire Department. 

Simple as that!

To send in your video, you can either click on this Facebook Post and submit it as a comment. Or, you can send it to us via email at (whichever is easiest for you).



Once you submit your video, we'll follow up with you and get your shipping details!

And FYI - these videos don’t have to be Hollywood level production. Just a simple 10 second to 60 second video shot on your iPhone will work perfectly. 

Because of awesome customers like yourself, we’ve been growing a lot lately. We want to use this videos to let new people know what being a part of the Ladder 34 family is all about. 

Thanks for your continued support!