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A Reason To Give 

If you have a moment today, please read this!

In the United States, more than 70% of our firefighters are volunteers. This means that in the middle of the night, when you call 911 for an emergency, 70% of those responders are coming to your aid out of the kindness of their heart. They're getting out of bed, leaving their families to come help you solve your emergency. Not only do the majority not get paid, they are ecstatic to help!

Why do volunteer fire departments need help? 

For the majority of these departments, funding is collected by their members, through pancake breakfast events, raffles, and other community events. Volunteers count on their community to stand behind their efforts. When is the last time you visited a pancake breakfast?

A New Purpose 

In 2019, Ladder 34 collected nearly 500 emails from volunteer fire departments across the United States. The question was simple: If you were to receive additional funding for your department, how would you use it? 

The response was enough to leave you with a pit in your stomach. Some of these departments stated that they were paying for fuel in their trucks OUT OF POCKET, while others are using turnout gear from the early 1990's. (Many stories to come)

Your Support

We believe that with your support, we have a tremendous opportunity to lend a hand to those who are willing to risk everything, as volunteers. 

When you purchase a product from one of our Volunteer departments:

 A portion of every sale of products made from their fire hose will be donated to their department.

  • First: Ladder 34 will use these funds to cover the cost of mental health education. Why? In the United States, suicide has recently become the leading cause of death amongst firefighters. While this job can be incredibly gratifying, please understand that firefighters often suffer from PTSD in ways that we are still learning to understand, and less than 6% of departments have a mental health action plan. 
  • Second: Additional funding will be used to purchase tools and rescue equipment they may not have otherwise been able to afford. We are starting this campaign in our home state of Michigan and plan to travel the United States for years to come, telling the story of volunteers, and lending a hand where we are able. This has been the mission of Ladder 34 from its inception, with your support along the way, we are finally able to make this a reality.