E#17 (2'x3')


Size: 2'x3'

The authentic fire hose sections used to manufacture the E#17 formerly served Atlantic City, Detroit Fire Department & Battle Creek, MI.

Because each section of fire hose has experienced different usage over the last 20+ years, the shades of color may vary from the images shown. This is what makes your fire hose floor mat unique to your space

-Each section was stitched by hand in Grand Rapids, MI

-Production is limited! Color combinations are original and limited to the material we have on hand.

Item Info: The 2'x3' is an all around general purpose mat. Use it in your bathroom, at a doorway or as a portable rug wherever life takes you. 

Cleaning instructions:

-Industrial machine washable

-For light cleanup, simply rinse with a garden hose and hang to dry

-Anti-slip webbing sewn in to keep the mat in place

Other Information:

-Uniquely marked sections are sewn in at random

-Weather resistant, perfect for an outdoor entry mat

-Non-slip webbing sewn in on every seam