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E#21 (2'x3')


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Size: 2'x3'

Chicago/Battle Creek blend (ATTACK EDITION)

Red fire hose sourced directly from the Chicago Fire Department. These sections of 1 3/4" red fire hose were used in some of the toughest elements of firefighting. Originally a bright red, each fire hose has experienced years of firefighting duties causing the bright shade of red to fade in unique ways unlike any other fabric.

These hoses are commonly known as "attack lines" which were stretched from the fire engine all the way to the seat of the fire. The stories woven into this fabric are incredibly heroic, as they assisted firefighters in protecting the city of Chicago until the were removed from service. 

(Because each section of fire hose has experienced different usage over the last 20+ years, the colors of red may vary from the images shown. This is what makes your fire hose floor mat unique to your space)

-White Fire hose formerly served the Battle Creek Fire Department, MI.

-Each section was stitched by hand in Grand Rapids, MI

-Production is limited! Color combinations are original and limited to the material we have on hand.

Item Info: The 2'x3' is a great addition room or in front of the sink. The material is surprisingly soft considering its history. 

Cleaning instructions:

-Industrial machine washable

-For light cleanup, simply rinse with a garden hose and hang to dry

-Anti-slip webbing sewn in to keep the mat in place

-Uniquely marked sections are sewn in at random

-Weather resistant, perfect for an outdoor entry mat

-Non-slip webbing sewn in on every seam