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Size: 2'x3'

This fire hose floor mat is manufactured from a collection of the following fire departments. 

Yellow - St. Louis, Oklahoma city, Grand Rapids, Chicago

White - A collection of 12 fire departments

We traveled the United States in search of the most unique sections of fire hose from some of the oldest working fire departments. The experience begins when a fire hose fails after years of firefighting duties. From there, we collect and transport each section of hose back to our facility in Grand Rapids, Mi. Each section of hose is carefully cleaned and stripped of its inner rubber liner. Our talented sewing team cuts and sews each Pompier to the desired size. The process of collection and manufacturing is painstaking but we believe the story woven into every fire hose floor mat is worth the journey. At Ladder 34, we don't have the luxury of ordering more fabric when we run low on material. Each Pompier is incredibly unique, the material used is original, it shows the scratches and scuffs earned in its life of protecting the lives of firefighters and the property they work to save.

(Because each section of fire hose has experienced different usage over the last 20+ years, each color may vary from the images shown below. This is what makes your fire hose floor mat unique to your space)

-Each section was stitched by hand in Grand Rapids, MI

-Production is limited! Color combinations are original and limited to the material we have on hand. 

Item Info: The 2'x3' is an all around general purpose mat. Use it in your bathroom, in a doorway or as a portable rug wherever life takes you. We love taking this mat along with us on camping trips. It's incredibly durable and easy to clean at the end of the trip.

Cleaning instructions:

Dimensions: Roughly 24"x36"

-Industrial machine washable

-For light cleanup, simply rinse with a garden hose and hang to dry

-Anti-slip webbing sewn in to keep the mat in place

-Custom sizing options available, contact us for capabilities. 

-Uniquely marked sections are sewn in at random

-Weather resistant, perfect for an outdoor entry mat

-Non-slip webbing sewn in on every seam