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The Attack fire hose belt collection is crafted from sections of fire hose that were used upwards of 20 years before being removed from service. These belts show significant use making every section unique to itself. Due to the unusual history of these hoses, ever fire hose belt we manufacture will have a different appearance than what is pictured.

Decommissioning department: CHICAGO FIRE

This belt is available in two sizes (53" & 63") allowing you to cut your belt to fit you specifically. Instructions included with your purchase. Your belt will be shipped in a Ladder 34 box with information indicating the history of this item. 

These belts are DURABLE! Probably too durable. You'll need to sharpen your scissors and put a little muscle behind the first few buckle closures. This is normal! After a few times wearing your belt, the fabric will soften where it fits you best. 

The Journey:

Each product manufactured by Ladder 34 Rescued Goods is authentic. The sections of fire hose we use to craft these products are collected individually by our team from various cities across the United States. Each section is washed, cut, sewn, packaged, and shipped from our facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A portion of the sale from YOUR belt will be donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.



-53" Will fit up to a 46" pant size (cut to fit)

-63" Will fit up to a 56" pant size (cut to fit)

-Width (1.5") 

-Color: Faded white 

-Leather free 

-Adjustable nickel free buckle